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Smarter Camps

Our school holiday camps are designed by practitioners and suitable for students ages 6 to 17. From interdisciplinary innovation and entrepreneurship camps, to specialized coding, design or money matters camps, there's one designed for every child's future


Smarter Courses

Keep learning even after the holidays are over, from the comfort of your own home! We offer specialized courses in Coding, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and Design. All lessons are conducted live online, at a fixed time weekly, and suitable for students ages 9 to 17

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Cultivating 4C1R

We focus on instilling the Skillset, Mindset and Heartset for a happy and successful future





We do this by teaching digital literacy (tech), entrepreneurship and design thinking skills in an interdisciplinary manner, co-existing just like it does in the real world. Whether our students are learning to code, build a robot, or ideating business plans, our 4C1R lies at the core of it all

Project-Based Learning

All our camps and courses have a clear learning outcome and a final project that students complete by the end of the program. Our Change The World campers deliver a full Silicon Valley-style business pitch; Designer campers design and prototype their own version of a popular app; Innovation Junior campers and Money Matters campers set up stalls at a Market Day where they might make or lose money!


Relevant to the Real World

Our Mastery courses are not only created by industry practitioners, but contains real-world challenges presented by our corporate partners. That’s future-employer endorsement for you. Because we don’t believe in learning, without knowing why and what for.


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