Program Details.


Key Outcomes.

We teach students real world skillset and mindset that will help them build a thriving future. Aside from digital technology and entrepreneurship skills, our program embodies the 4C1R - Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Resilience - attributes that will take them far, regardless of the career pathway they choose.
In 12 weeks, students will experience building a real venture - with real co-founders, for real customers.

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Learning Objectives.

+ Students will be able to apply design thinking concepts in coming up with innovative ideas, and understand the fundamentals of building a business.
+ They will be able to construct a Minimum Viable Product, develop a business plan, and test the market for viability of their business.
+ They will experience rejection and failure while building their business, but develop resilience and improve their communication and project management skills along the way.
+ Most importantly, they will develop a deeper understanding of themselves - their skills, strengths, and interests, which will help them make clearer decisions in their future education and career pathways.
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Every weekend, students will meet online for masterclasses or workshops, fireside chats with founders, or panel discussions on career pathways. Conducted virtually, but designed for interaction.
There may be assignments to complete during the week, before the next session.
The Becoming Weekends:

Human-Centered Entrepreneurship and Team Formation


Customers Discovery and Validating the Problem


Trifecta of Ideation and Job to be Done


Competitive Analysis and Creating Your Value Proposition


Business Model: Sales, Marketing, and Revenue


Developing Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


Market Testing and Customer Interviews



Wayfinding Your Interests and Purpose


Measuring Success


Crafting an Effective Pitch and Story



Career Pathway Discovery


Demo Day

Teams will also receive 30 minutes of consultation and guidance sessions per week over the 12-week program, from our panel of resident mentors.

The program culminates in a virtual demo day where the teams will pitch their business to a panel of judges comprising investors at renowned venture capital funds such as 500 Startups, Softbank Ventures, Antler, etc.


Other Benefits.

Students will also have access to:
Young Founders Community Platform
Exclusive Young Founders community portal where they can connect with other student leaders and entrepreneurs, and where we regularly share events, webinars, and articles.
YFS 2019-1
Priority access to Young Founders Summit Asia 2021 and invitation to other demo days and competitions.
HCE Online
Self-paced Human Centered Entrepreneurship course that they can always refer back to as a refresher.
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Other perks and benefits such as Amazon Web Services credits, etc.