Our Method and Pillars.


Our Method.


Dr. Bill Damon at the Stanford Center for Adolescent Development Teens found that teens are stressed not just because they have too much to do, but because they don’t know why they’re doing it.
Teens who have high self-awareness and have purpose are happier, healthier, more engaged, and less stressed than their peers who lack it.
Using the Project Wayfinder curriculum developed at Stanford d.School, we help teens uncover their values, strengths, what’s meaningful to them and what they care about. Equipped with these essential pieces of self-knowledge, they can learn to make more educated social and career decisions that aligns with their inner self.


The more exposure a student gets regarding the world after high school, the better equipped they are to make decisions for their future.
We provide our students with mentors who can help advise, guide, and provide encouragement on the students' entrepreneurship journey, while also exposing them to various future career pathways which they may not have known of or understood before. 


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We train future leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs.
Human Centered Entrepreneurship. We guide students to identify problems they see in the world, ideate solutions that can solve it, use technology to build, and launch sustainable businesses that hopefully also creates positive impact in the world.


At the heart of our program is problem-solving. Students learn how to spot problems, understand the challenges, and identify opportunities. While many assume that innovation is technology-enabled, it may also be anchored around engineering and science.
As students learn from programmers, engineers and designers from Google, Grab, etc., they too are exposed to exciting potential education and career pathways.
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An idea is just that - an idea. Our program guides students to turn ideas into sustainable businesses. They will learn about sales channels, marketing strategy, revenue models, competitive analysis.
Beyond desktop learning, they will be guided to create an MVP, conduct market testing, and launch their own startup by the end of 12 weeks!
They will get advice that is as real as it can get from founders and investors from 500 Startups, Softbank, Antler, Endeavor, etc.
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Guiding teens to find their strengths, interest, and purpose.
From the very start, our goal at Smarter Me was to equip students with the skillset, mindset, and heartset to define their own success and happiness. We want to help student understand their skills, strengths, and interests, guiding them towards a future pathway that is meaningful and fulfilling.
We anchor this on a purpose finding curriculum developed at Stanford d.School, which is also used by high school career counsellors in leading high schools in the U.S.