We Aspire to Help Kids Become 

Problem-Solvers. Critical-Thinkers. Collaborators. Communicators. Resilient


The World is Changing

Fact 1: Problem-Solving, Strategic-Thinking and Tech Skills are the Top 3 skills employers are looking for

Fact 2: The World Bank says that South East Asia lags in this because much of what our kids are taught is "procedural" and rote based.

Who We Are

We are an online-to-offline school that offers courses and camps in digital literacy skills and 21st century skills which are key for our children's future.

We were founded in 2016 by parents who saw that the world has changed and what our kids need for a happy and successful future is changing, but education hasn't. 


Our Vision

To equip 1 million kids globally with the skillset, mindset, and heartset to define and achieve their own success and happiness in the future world.


Meet Our Team

What sets our team apart is that every instructor is an entrepreneur who have founded (and some have sold) their own company, or an intrapreneur driving active change in their organizations and industries

Lim Ee Ling

Lim Ee Ling


Ee Ling is the Head of Singapore for Innovation & Partnerships at 500 Startups, the most active early stage venture capital firm globally. She advises corporates on innovation and helps startups scale and access new markets.

Before 500 Startups and before founding Smarter Me, Ee Ling was an Investment Banker for 10 years, advising corporates in the consumer, retail and technology industries in South East Asia. She saw a huge gap between her kids' education and the fast-changing global economy and realised that her purpose in life is to inspire people to push to be the better version of themselves, through education. She believes that the path to success and happiness is being curious and always learning, and truly adopting a growth mindset.


Liaw Yit Ming


Yit Ming brings with him 15 years of experience in deal-making and financial literacy, having been the Head of Strategy and Development at one of the world’s largest healthcare companies. Inspired by his 9-year old daughter who learnt to code on her own online, his mission is to empower children with the mindset that "Everything you can dream of creating is possible". Yit Ming currently spends most of his time running his healthcare start-up.


Gary Alexander Tan


Gary has spent almost 20 years as an educator, with years spent in student leadership and talent development, as a Head of Department with the Ministry of Education of Singapore. He is currently the Head of STEM Programme at the Busy Bees Group. Gary collaborated with SRI International to review their global 21st century curriculum design and teaches STEM education at several preschools and international schools in Singapore. Gary holds a Master of Arts, a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), and a Diploma in Education from NTU.




A mechanical (aeronautics) engineer turned coding and robotics instructor, Sendy developed the curriculum for students at UWC, Learning Horizon pre-schools and Northlight school and has been teaching Code for Fun classes in MOE schools

Jason Demetillo

Jason Demetillo


Six-time Silicon Valley Designer. Jay has worked at Twitter, Yahoo and Pinterest in San Francisco, before moving across the world to join Grab as Lead UX/ Visual Designer. He loves giving back to children, and has taught design at California College of the Arts, Art & Creativity Global in China and Inneract Project in SF.

Jovan Tan

Jovan Tan


Venture capitalist, Founder & Chairman of Restorative Innovation, and serial entrepreneur since he was 20. Jovan is an advocate for innovation & entrepreneurship and in the past few years have launched & consulted many new ventures as well as educate & research in innovation & entrepreneurship studies.

Munira Muhris 2

Munira Muhris


Munira is a dynamic coach driven by the passion for motivation and curiosity of what ticks people to reach their highest potential, then getting them there. With 7 years of teaching experience, including as an allied instructor with the MOE, Munira spent more than half the time teaching money matters & entrepreneurship, at MoneyTree and Journey of Entrepreneurship.

4C1R background-01

Cultivating 4C1R

We focus on instilling the Skillset, Mindset and Heartset for a happy and successful future





We do this by teaching digital literacy (tech), entrepreneurship and design thinking skills in an interdisciplinary manner, co-existing just like it does in the real world. Whether our students are learning to code, build a robot, or ideating business plans, our 4C1R lies at the core of it all

Our Story

Like all good stories, it starts with two kids and a mother

The Smarter Me Difference

Providing affordability and accessibility through online classes

90% of Students Recommends Our Camps