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Students' Creations

When they dare to dream, innovation and creation happens

Charlotte Goh Like A Boss GIF


Like A Boss

By Charlotte

Using Scratch, Charlotte created a multi-level, single player game where the player can control the movement and firing of the hero

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Story Boost

By Mentari and Taani

Their idea is to create an app-based community platform where teens facing anxiety and depression can belong, and seek therapy assistance

Intarch GIF



By Alina, Lila, and Emma

With a deep interest in design and architecture, and recalling the difficulty their mom (a designer) faced in finding clients, the 3 of them designed an app which connects home buyers with interior designers and architects

Animals Run Game GIF


Animal Run

By Ambika and Fahsai

The problem they are trying to solve is animal cruelty due to lab testing in the beauty industry. They decided to create a game which educates the player on animal testing, and plan to partner with beauty brands who do not support animal testing

Yelder GIF


By Amelie, Tyler and Lyndon

The problem statement: How might we help elders in nursing homes be happy, and reducing boredom? This team came up with a proposal to facilitate skills exchange between the 60+ and children, connecting the 2 generations

Waste Energy GIF

Waste = Energy

By Noah and Devansh

These 2 boys interviewed the public and found that most people do not recycle because they can't find the bins. They came up with the idea of an app which enables users to not only "Find a Bin" near them, but get rewarded when they hit a recycling streak 


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