Young Founders Summit _Workshop

A hub and platform where Gen Zs from over 12 countries convened to build

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Our youngest founder was 10, the oldest was 18.
The startup ideas ranged from urban farming kit, mental wellness app, recycling apps, healthcare wearables, online education apps, AgriTech, to sustainable fashion. 




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"The most valuable part of being in Young Founders Summit was that we got to critically scrutinise our performance as we got to know our strengths and weaknesses and divide our jobs accordingly. This also helped us improve on our teamwork skills and capability to collaborate our ideas to form one big, intriguing idea."


"I have taken part in YFS two times now and I have to say that the experience was AMAZING. I have learned and gained so many unique skills that I’d never have gotten to learn from school. I have made links with talented and successful investors and with hard-working teens. It was great to see how more people my age were thinking of different ways to help the world. It was truly a great experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone."


"We had a great mentor who treated us like adults by giving us real and honest feedback for our ideas. Despite being extremely busy, he was able to arrange weekly meetings with us via Skype and committed to helping us to the best of his extent. We were able to meet amazing contacts in the tech industry and VC / Investors industry."

Blue Bin



Thinker Young Founders Summit

Thinker (YFS 2020 Champion)


Country: Malaysia

Fyto by Thinker aims to solve sustainable development goals through an entrepreneurial approach by creating devices, outreach programs, and becoming a social advocate for the impoverished communities and empower them to be able to stand hand in hand with more developed societies. Fyto currently comprises of a smart farming app and an indoor farming kit.

LevelUp  Young Founders Summit



Country: Singapore

LevelUp is the first Educational platform that helps children level up in game, and in real life. Children are engaged through a gamified format, and while they play, the platform takes in their psychometric and academic data in order to adapt to the individual child and generate a whole host of actionable insights for parents and teachers.

Psyche.AI Young Founders Summit



Country: Singapore & Malaysia develops AI chatbots that help provide personalised behavioural therapy with open-ended response systems based on sentiment analysis and individual conversations.

YFS Bootcamp 4

XSNews (YFS 2019 Champion)


Country: Singapore

XSNews aims to provide succinct summaries of credible articles. The app will condense news into bullet points, making news easily comprehensible to the layman.

“We were inspired to come up with the idea for the XSNews app when we realised that most of our peers and classmates in our grade were interested in the news, but did not understand or keep up to date with the topics that directly impact us,” says the team at XSNews.

Young Founders Summit _Agry



Country: Malaysia

Agry is an app that connects farmers with professionals, complete with Health ID which uses machine learning to help farmers identify plant diseases.

Agry came about due to the interactions between one of the team members and his uncle, who is a farmer. He came to the realization that farmers still do not have access to knowledge, other players in the marketplace, and to each other.

Alter Eco NYC

Alter Eco


Country: Singapore

Alter Eco aims to change the way we consume fashion and by reducing wastage, by giving dead fabric and dead stock (new but unused fabric, not pre-loved) a new lease of life, turning it into tote bags and other products.

They have created prototypes from dead fabric which would have otherwise made it to the incineration plant. Pre-orders are now open for those who are supporters of sustainable fashion - check out their IG profile!

CaterX_Young Founders Summit



 Country: Philippines

CaterX is about making great events. We make finding and booking catering services easier and faster. You can compare different packages and find the catering services that's best for your needs. Because CaterX believes that great events start with finding the right Catering Services.

They have been recording 1 mil pesos of monthly transaction value.

Recycler_Young Founders Summit



Country: India

Recycler is an app in which you can connect with people that will take your waste that can be recycled. Think of us as the Uber of Recycling.

These days not everyone can go to places to drop their recyclable waste due to lifestyle choices. Not recycling can cause big problems for the environment and harm animals and humans. We came up with this idea of door to door pickups to help facilitate recycling and help provide a better quality of life for those that often work in waste management especially in developing countries like India.

They have collected 1 tonne of recyclable materials.

Cure Band _Young Founders Summit

Cure Band (YFS 2018 Champion)


Country: Singapore

Cure Band is a young startup creating easy to use health monitoring systems for everyone. Cure Band is a watch that finds cardiac risk points for the elderly. It can also detect an irregular heart rate and alerts the emergency services if required.

They continue to work on their medical wearable.

Guardian Young Founders Summit SEA 2018



Country: India

Guardian is an app and wearable that aims to provide safe travel routes for women in India. An app that helps the user map out safe routes, updates family real-time of any situation, and alerts your contacts and the authorities in the case of an emergency.

Plastique_Young Founders Summit



Country: Malaysia

Plastique aims to make the 3D modeling and printing industry more environmentally friendly by using recycled plastic waste. 

Generation Connection_Young Founders Summit

Gen. Connection


Country: Singapore

Generation Connection is an app and web based platform that bridges the gap between people aged 50+ and youth, by creating mentors through interests, while keeping all users safe online. A child OR an adult can be the mentor depending on the interests and hobbies!



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